Parent and Author Coaching

🌟 Elevate Your Parenting with a Transformational Coaching Session! 🌟

Are your children witnessing and copying some of your negative behaviors? 

Do you believe your increased self-awareness can directly help your kids to be more themselves?

Can you create a healthier, more connected home if you resolve you own unhealed wounds?

Schedule a 1-hour Coaching Call with Andrew to take the next step on your healing journey.

This is for the parent who...

  • Is committed to stopping intergenerational patterns being re-enacted on your kids.
  • Sees triggers from their kids as a chance to do personal work, so they don't take it out on the kids.

Imagine the impact of breaking free from your past wounds and transforming them into opportunities for growth. By embarking on this healing journey, you not only liberate yourself but also create a nurturing environment for your children—one filled with love, understanding, and the absence of generational patterns that may hinder their development.

Doing your personal healing helps everyone in your Family.

🌈 What You'll Gain:
🔥 Focused Guidance: Dive deep into your chosen area of focus with expert guidance tailored to your needs and challenges.
🌟 Actionable Insights: Receive practical strategies and techniques you can immediately implement for a positive impact.
💬 Personalized Support: Engage in an open and supportive dialogue, addressing your unique concerns and questions.
📚 Resource Recommendations: Access resources and recommendations to further support your journey beyond the session.
🎁 Bonus: Receive a summary of the session's key takeaways to help you continue your growth.
🌼 Investment: Elevate your parenting journey for just $197

Investing in yourself is an investment in them!


(Are you tired of trauma-centred personal development? Andrew's sessions are trauma informed, but forward facing towards your vision of self and family. They are centered in Kindness and Creativity to move you closer to the life you dream of.)



This is for authors who want an hour with Andrew to support their next steps on the self-publishing journey. 

Topics we can cover: writing, editorial, typesetting, illustration, cover design, print production, marketing.

Topics we don't cover: we do not publish other authors, co-author manuscripts or refer resources.