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Andrew Newman

The first thing people ask me is, "Why do you write kids books"? or "How did you get started in this"? My answer is simple. I wrote a poem that needed some pictures and asked my friend to draw them. The book is called A Little Light. I was amazed to see how a colorful picture book brought to life some of the detailed psychological and spiritual understanding that I'd had spent years studying. When I showed it to my therapy clients many of them said, "I wish I had this when I was younger. It would have saved me many years of painful misunderstanding". I realized it is better to help parents nurture the spirituality of their children before their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors are fully formed, and hopefully the next generation will not need to repeat the same painful path that so many of us had to.

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Creating mindful moments with adults.

Getting members in your community hugging and talking about consent.

Educating parents on 'Why the last 20 minutes of the day matter?' based on Andrews TED Talk.

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