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Between 3 and 85 years old! The conscious messages are for all of us, but it's especially important to introduce these values and tools to children between 3 and 7 years old when you're locked into bedtime together anyhow. Remember, the last 20 minutes of the day with your children are a precious gift.

The collection features a great mix of "boy" and "girl" characters with messages that aren't gender reliant. Funny story, our bee was once a boy, but then we had a great chat with an apiarist (bee expert), who letus know our adventuresome bee must be a girl!

Nobody is too young or old for deep breaths and story time. These books are as much for parents to connect and open dialogue as they are for children. The rhyming picture books — The Elephant Who Tried to Tiptoe, The Forgetful Elephant, The Bee Who Could Not Choose Her Flower, The tree of Goodness and The Laughing Witch — are great for your youngest little ones. The collection will be with you for many years, so trust your impulse. You know your family best.

Each Conscious Bedtime Story ends with an exercise or series of questions designed to open a conscious dialogue or help children and parents get grounded, peaceful and calm before bed. You'll start to notice your children picking the book they NEED before bed, based on these practices.

They are based in the principles of mindfulness and conscious living rather than a specific faith. Each book has a core life lesson woven into the story like self-love, dealing with emotions, love for animals, and many more. Only one book, The Prayer Who Searched for God, specifically addresses faith and does so from the perspective that god is everywhere and inside everything. The story A little Light has references to the church, an angel and crosses as they were all a part of Andrew's healing journey, and this story is based on his life. The Dad Who Didn't Know also mentions prayer.

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